Commercial HVAC Install at Curves

Air Dynamics is your LKN source for fully trained Commercial HVAC installs. Winter is coming and if your HVAC is needing replacement, now is the best time.  Don’t wait until cold weather gets here because your system will be working harder in the cold weather.  This stress makes it more likely to fail if it […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Air Dynamics your HVAC Specalist

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We at Air Dynamics Mechanical Services (ADMS) are committed to keeping you comfortable by meeting your heating and cooling needs.  Give us a call for all your HVAC repair problems.  We can also provide scheduled maintenance to keep your system working at peak efficiency. Call us for your service needs or […]

Fall HVAC Checkup Call us

It is time for your Fall HVAC Checkup.  HVAC contractors tend to get busy during the heat of summer and cold of winter, so it is a good idea to have your system checked in the spring and in the fall.  A good way to remember is to schedule the check-ups for around the seasonal […]

Commercial HVAC Replacement

Air Dynamics is your LKN source for fully trained Commercial HVAC replacements. If your Commercial HVAC System is failing or just having trouble keeping up, call us at 704-664-2665.  We will check out your system and adjust or repair as needed.  If it needs replacing, we do that!  We will give you options and let […]

LKN HVAC Replacement

Air Dynamics is your LKN source for fully trained HVAC replacements. If your HVAC System is failing or just having trouble keeping up, call us at 704-664-2665.  We will come check your system and adjust or repair as needed.  In some cases it does not make sense to repair an old unit.  We will go […]

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Your HVAC system is very much like your automobile, it operates at peak performance when maintained properly.  You change the oil in your car every 5000 miles, so make the same dedication to performance with your HVAC system.  A properly maintained and functioning HVAC system will keep your home warm in the winter […]

Commercial HVAC

We install, repair and service all types of commercial HVAC systems in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas. Our training and experience on all makes and models enable us to efficiently diagnose and address heating and cooling issues quickly. We have managed mechanical contracts for every conceivable commercial HVAC application; installing mechanical systems in high-rise

Heat Pump Repair

Air Dynamics Mechanical Services team are mechanical and electrical contractors who provide quality service at a great price. Don’t get caught in the cold when we can do your heat pump repair. Air Dynamics Techs are provided with the tools to diagnose, estimate the cost of the repair, make most standard repairs, and provide you with

HVAC Repair

Is your HVAC functioning poorly? Contact your Lake Norman, Denver, Huntersville and Mooresville HVAC professionals. We can do any HVAC Repair. The Air Dynamics team will keep you comfortable. We are available daily, 7 days a week, and have special teams on call for after hours issues. Call us or visit us online to see

Mooresville HVAC

The most preferred Mooresville HVAC team is Air Dynamics. Give us a call and let us help keep you comfortable! You won’t be disappointed. Visit our website to learn how we will help. Being conveniently located in downtown Mooresville it gives us the ability to quickly and easily service the Lake Norman and surrounding areas:

R22 Freon Mooresville

Does your air conditioning unit require R22 Freon? Are you aware that by January 2020 this type of Freon will no longer be available? Call Air Dynamics and let us help you understand and prepare for the future. R22 Freon is a gas that contributes to the depletion

AC Repair

When you need AC Repair our team at Air Dynamics is the one to call! Someone always answers the phone and a technician will be on the way to your rescue. Like most industries, new technology along with new energy-saving legislation keeps the heating and cooling industry in an ever-changing setting. We are here to