HOT DAYS are coming! Get your air conditioner serviced

When your heating and cooling system needs repair and you choose Air Dynamics, we understand that you are placing confidence in us to properly repair your equipment. Our certified technicians are trained and trusted individuals who will take their time to diagnose the problem and will take you step by step through any procedure that […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Air Dynamics your HVAC Specalist

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We at Air Dynamics Mechanical Services (ADMS) are committed to keeping you comfortable by meeting your heating and cooling needs. Don’t let the holiday go by without your HVAC System working at peak Efficiency.  Call us for your service needs or a system checkup.     Air Dynamics Mechanical Services 704-664-COOL […]

Winter HVAC Service

Is your HVAC System working well in this cold weather?  If not, call Air Dynamics 704-664-2665 or visit us on the web at! Some systems work well when it’s not too cold but can’t handle this frigid cold we are currently having.  If your HVAC System is running all the time or not keeping up at […]