What To Do About High Humidity In Your Home

What To Do About Humidity In Your Home
What To Do About Humidity In Your Home

Today’s HVAC Questions:  What is the best thing to do for high humidity in my home?

A:  In newer and tighter homes off-gases and moisture have no escape which causes higher humidity and discomfort.  In other homes moist or damp crawlspaces/basements can contribute to high humidity.  Moisture in the air holds heat, especially during the more humid months of summer.  A major function of the cooling system is to remove this moisture from the air.

Q2:  How can you lower the humidity in your home?

A2:    Here are some solutions:

Low-cost option: Have longer run times with air conditioning system.  Newer thermostats have dehumidification modes which extend compressor cooling time, but this may result in overcooling the space.

Medium-cost option: Dehumidifiers are a simple and effective way to remove moisture from living spaces and crawl/basement areas.  Visit Honeywell for a variety of choices and models.

Best-option: Two-stage or variable speed air conditioners or heat pumps are the best way to reduce humidity in your living space.  American Standard’s Comfort-R™ feature in this equipment is a good example.  Comfort-R™ will ramp up the airflow in your home, making your home cooler and more comfortable faster while maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Q3:  Why is there water around my outside Air Conditioner/Heat Pump?

A3:  During cooling mode in spring and summer, it is normal for pipes to sweat and drain out onto the Air Conditioner/Heat Pump pad.

Q4:  Why does my fan run all the time?

A4:  The thermostat is most likely in the “fan only” position – easy fix – change fan to auto.  The indoor fan relay may be stuck closed – will require a technician to replace the relay.


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